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Gemini Rue was originally released in 2011 on the pc to some fantastic reviews. It earned them. Gemini Rue is one the minority of games that can intrigue by a screenshot – You’ll know if you’ll enjoy the game just by looking at a single screenshot from the game. So with that being said, I jumped at the chance to play through the game again on my iPad, with Gemini Rue making Wadget Eye Game’s first foray into the ios world.

Gemini Rue tells the story of its two playable characters:  Azriel Odin, ex-assassin and Delta-Six, amnesiac. Set in a wonderfully realized cyberpunk Sci-Fi world in the style of “Blade Runner” and “Beneath a Steel Sky.”

One of the great things about Gemini Rue, is how it looks and feels like a classic from the point and click generation. It feels like it should be remembered alongside the Sierra and Revolution Software masterpieces, which is only reinforced with the recent closure of Lucasarts. The wonderful pixel graphics have ported wonderfully to the ios, with the game looking beautiful on the iPad.

It’s worth noting that the score and voicework is still as great as remembered, with the score in particular following the dark and hollowing aspects of the games storyline. The voiceover is generally very good, with only a couple of characters missing the mark.

Point and click games are perfectly matched for the touch nature of ios, with the majority of the controls in Gemini Rue feeling as natural and easy as they do with a mouse and keyboard. Both moving and actions are all controlled with instinctive taps. Interacting with certain objects (such as the Azriel’s PDA) actually adds to the immersion as you poke and prod away at the object as the character would do in real life.

Also added to the port is a slightly redesigned combat system to suit ios better and a developers commentary, giving you a little behind the curtain magic. One neat little trick added to the IOS version is the ability to hold down your finger for a few seconds to highlight all of the useable hotspots on screen, which is very useful if you’re stuck in certain room.

In conclusion, Gemini Rue is as much a must buy for adventure fans on the IOS than it was for the PC – with the ios version of Gemini Rue being the definite version of one of the best modern point and click games. If you’re a adventure game fan and have an iPhone or iPad, you’re missing out not getting this game.

A Universal App, Gemini Rue runs on iPhone 3GS and above, iPod touch 3G and above, and all iPad models including iPad Mini. It’s currently on sale for £2.49 / $3.99, but will go up to its standard price of £2.99 / $4.99 after two weeks.

+ Excellent graphics
+ Fantastic sound work
+ Ports very well
-  Movement occasionally finicky while moving between areas.


4.5 / 5 stars     

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