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The team behind the upcoming GCW Zero handheld have started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise $130,000 and to hopefully bring a lot more GCW Zero’s into a lot more gamers hands (and thus a lot more developers working on the software!). The GCW Zero is the brain child of some of the most influential people behind the Dingoo A320 scene. The GCW Zero looks to build on all of the Dingoo’s previous success, sporting an Ingenic JZ4770 1Ghz CPU, 256MB of RAM and Vivante GC860 GPU, all driven by OpenDingux.

We live in a technological era where it is possible to place powerful gaming hardware that exceeds yesterday’s PCs in the palm of your hand. Tablets and smart phones are just one example of this. Their touch screens have already revolutionized casual, portable gaming. However, many gamers would agree that they are in their true natural habitat when in direct control of that experience with physical buttons and a real d-pad or authentic analog control. The world just needed these two ideas combined into one package for the gaming community.

We are developing the Game Consoles Worldwide (GCW) Zero, a handheld console built around the Ingenic JZ4770 1 GHz MIPS processor. It is powerful enough to run classic PC games, emulate the game consoles we grew up with and run homebrew games seamlessly at high frame rates.

We here at Game Consoles Worldwide believe that a company should not just capitalize and consumers should be allowed to do more than consume. Too many devices today are walled gardens, designed solely for consumption. Not ours! The GCW Zero gives you full control of your handheld. Install any application you want to run, change the operating system in any way you want. We won’t fight you; in fact we’ll encourage you.

The minimum pledge to get yourself a console is $135 (plus $20 shipping if you’re outside the US), which certainly brings it up against the latest android based gaming handhelds. However, the GCW Zero has the benefit of being built for gamers, by gamers which will hopefully come across in the small and delicate touches which will help sell the console through reviews and word of mouth such as the d-pad and feel of the controls. To pledge you can visit the GCW Zero Kickstarter and to find out some more information you can head over to the GCW Zero website.

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