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Forget Me Not Annie is a freeware first person puzzle game, built with the Unreal Development Kit. The game’s theme is horror, which while not as fear-filling as Amnesia, it certainly builds an impressive atmosphere.

You play as Annie, a young girl who is inferred to be in an asylum, as she is trapped in her own mind. She is deeply attached to her teddy bear, Howard, as he says that he is the only one who she can trust, and the only one who can protect her. Annie has the ability of telekinesis – she is able to move the position and depth of most objects in the world, including her giant talking teddy bear. Additionally, Annie can switch places with Howard, allowing her to traverse distances and complete the puzzles that face her.

The game has interesting dialogue between the characters. Howard’s dominance over Annie makes her worried that her friend is taking over her, the thoughts then upset and make him angry at her. Her teddy bear also reminds her that she wouldn’t have been able to get this far without him, which indeed she wouldn’t have, since he is pinnacle to completing the puzzles.

The puzzles involve manipulating objects such as torches to bring you light, which adds great atmosphere as you walk down a dark path. You are able to use the torch to light up various lanterns to provide you with more light (and comfort!) when you are taking on a puzzle. The main puzzles involve bringing two objects together, using boxes, Howard and Annie to step on switches and switching places between Annie and Howard.

There are a few bugs in the demo, such as losing the ability to switch places with Howard, until Annie dies, and floor switches not working properly. While this can be a bit frustrating, they do not stop you from enjoying and completing the game.

If you are looking for a horror puzzle game, with good atmosphere building, then you should download out Forget Me Not Annie, by GHCEntertainment, after all, it’s free.

4 / 5 stars     

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