Fist Of Awesome Doubles Goal, Comes To Everything


Great news for everyone who’s wanted to pixel punch a bear in the face. Not only has Fist Of Awesome reached its Kickstarter goal, it’s smashed it – reaching a total of £11,808 (with the goal being £5000). As such, not only are the PC & Mac versions officially confirmed (and any tier £10 and up automatically includes a free copy of both versions) an OUYA version has been announced as well! (thanks to the games fans hard work, Fist Of Awesome won the #myouyagame competition, giving the developer Nicoll Hunt a free OUYA development console).


OUYA Version is GO!

Thanks to your hard work promoting FIST OF AWESOME in the #myouyagame competition the lovely folks over at OUYA are giving me a development console worth $800! WOOOOOHOOOO!

Note: My aim is that everyone from the £10 tier up will get a free copy of the game for OUYA, although that’s dependant on gifting being supported in the OUYA eco-system.

PC & Mac Versions Are GO!

As we’ve passed the £7,000 mark the PC & Mac versions are officially confirmed and any tier £10 and up automagically includes a free copy of both versions!

You can find out more about the game over at the Fist Of Awesome Kickstarter or Fist Of Awesome’s Website .

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