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Everlove is a romantic visual novel, developed by Silicon Sisters, out now for iOS and Android, and will be releasing for PC sometime in the future.  Silicon Sisters seem to define themselves as creating games for women, by women, and that is apparent in Everlove. A true guilty-pleasure for romantics.

Everlove places you into the role of Rose, a girl who is having hypnotic therapy (similar to Assassin’s Creed’s Animus) to try to deal with her nightmares. This leads to her living a life in the fantasy-esque village of Heart’s Home. Here, you follow a story, choosing responses and boosting your relationship scores with four different men. Along the way there are puzzles to solve which consist of ‘finding the hidden objects’ and combining pieces to form a letter.

The gorgeous scenery comes alive in the hidden object challenges which were a nice break from the story without disrupting the flow of it. The letter puzzles were a highlight, as they then gave more of an insight into the story and characters. You could also share the secrets you found from these with one of your in game friends or romance options.

As previously mentioned, there are four different romantic partners to ‘choose’ from. You have the charming rouge, the hopelessly-romantic prince, the powerful leader and the caring (ex)best friend. Each partner is vastly different in terms of personality, so there is hopefully one to suit every player. At a certain part in the story, you have to make a choice about which character you want to focus on. This allows the story to branch off into four different directions.

I found the story intriguing especially in Heart’s Home which is very enjoyable, due to the choices you can make during it. Want to join the rebellion, or not be a part of it? Stay in your cell and await rescue, or make a daring escape? These are interesting situations that you can decide what the heroine does in them, a great strength that the interactive medium brings.

While the ‘present-day’ Rose and the nightmare sections are hard to grasp, dedicated players will find that by playing through all the options you are treated to some further insight to the story. Additionally, the game boasts multiple endings, allowing additional replayability.

Everlove has been (wrongfully) criticized as a pornographic game, which it is not by any means. While you are able to see a few topless men, and one quite tame erotic scene, it is a romantic story and not a pornographic one. I did not expect Everlove to win me over. However, with great artwork (with the exception of one… scary portrait), music and story, I was captivated by it’s charm. Whilst there are a few discrepancies, Everlove is a good example of a game that will appeal to people who have not played any visual novels (or many games) before.

If you are interested in finding more about the game, be sure to check out Everlove’s Facebook page. Although no PC release date is currently set, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date here at Creative Gaming.


I was captivated by Everlove’s charms.

+Interesting narative
+Nice visuals
-Minigame slightly repetitive


4 / 5 stars     

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