Eurogamer Expo 2013



Eurogamer’s Expo is the UK’s biggest and best gaming expo and this years was something special. The 26th until the 29th of September saw over 70,000 gamers flood earl’s court to make the biggest Eurogamer yet. The show didn’t disappoint, with both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on show and playable, along with massive hitters such as Call Of Duty, Battlefield and Titanfall.

The developer sessions were as fantastic as always and for the first time were streamed live. Be sure to checkout Eurogamer for the whole collection of developer sessions recordings. The Rezzed part of the show is always a highlight and this years did not disappoint. This years indie showcase really was something special, featuring some fantastic titles such as Sir, you are being hunted, Helldivers and Chroma they were some of the best surprises of the show.

With this year being the biggest yet, there was some of the biggest queues to contend with. The big hitters brought the expected strong crowds but Titanfall brought possibly the biggest queue of the show. With up to 2 hours wait for one match, it certainly wasn’t for the faint hearted gamer but almost every gamer left the stand smiling (and 2 hours is nothing compared to the 8 hour queue for this years Gamescom!). Still, opening up the first floor proved to be a great move as it meant even though there were far more gamers in Earl’s Court, it felt quieter than previous years.

As always, Eurogamer proved to be a fantastic event and one of the best places to try out games with minimal queue’s and great supportive staff. Congratulations to the Eurogamer team for another brilliant show, and can’t wait until next year!

Oh, and this happened:

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