Eternal Eden: Ecclesia Indiegogo



If you’re a fan of classic RPG’s Eternal Eden: Ecclesia is worth looking forward to. Currently slated for an early 2013 release for PC, Mac, iPad and possibly even  the OUYA, you won’t have an excuse for not playing the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2008 original.

Blossomsoft have an IndieGoGo campaign up and running where you can preorder Eternal Eden: Ecclesia as well as many other bonus’ you can purchase to help raise funds for the game. They’ve got 18 days to raise around $20,000 dollars to meet their $25,000 so would certainly appreciate some support from the classic RPG fans out there!

If interested, you can visit Eternal Eden: Ecclesia’s  official site and the IndieGoGo page to show your support.

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