Encarmine Release


Encarmine looks a treat for adventure / novel game fans with it’s fantastic gothic visual style and dark fantasy story featuring two demon hunters.

Encarmine is a gothic fantasy/adventure game featuring stark pulp visuals about Lucia and Maurus, two friends tracking a wayward spirit across the countryside. Play through two parallel campaigns to experience the complete story.

It was originally prototyped for Ludum Dare 24′s theme of “evolution.” The Encarmine prototype, which included just Lucia’s story, placed in the top 5 for Mood and in the top 20 for both Graphics and Audio. Since then, the graphics and story were refined and a second campaign told from Maurus’s perspective was added.

Music for this game was composed within the 72 hour time limit by Yan “Nucleose” Rodriguez.

You can find out more about Encarmine over at ProjectBC.net, or try the Encarmine demo.

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