Double Fine’s Humble Bundle Weekly Sale



Double Fine make great games. The Humble Bundle people know this, so are going all Double Fine for this weeks sale.

Pay what you want for Psychonauts, Costume Quest and Stacking. If you pay $6 or more, you’ll also receive the face-melting, rock ‘n’ roll action/adventure game, Brütal Legend. Paying $16.74 or more also gets you Spacebase DF-9 (Early Access Game), the sci-fi simulation game based on the Amnesia Fortnight 2012 prototype.

Buyers of this weekly sale can also choose where their money goes: to the developer, Double Fine, and/or to two great causes, Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

With your help, we’ve raised more than $30 million for charity!
What’s this Amnesia Fortnight hoo-ha everyone’s all talking about?

Amnesia Fortnight is an internal game jam started by Double Fine in 2007 as a behind-the-closed-doors-of-the-chocolate-factory kind of a deal, but have now exposed to the public whether they want it or not!

Here’s how it works: Double Fine takes two weeks off from whatever they’re working on, splits the company into small teams and gives each team two weeks to make a game. It’s not easy or fair; but it is exciting. It is done to test out new ideas, and to test out new project leaders who feel ready to have a project of their own. Some of these project leaders will live, and the others, well, they will also live. But they will NEVER BE THE SAME.

Check out the The Humble Weekly Sale featuring Double Fine, or check out how you can be a part of Amnesia Fortnight here.


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