DEADEND: Cerebral Vortex added to the Gala!


IndieGala have announced a new game added to the bundle: Deadend: Cerebal Vortex.

The Indiegala gifts to all early and new buyers ( regardless you beat the average or not ) a new fantastic indie gem!
DEADEND: Cerebral Vortex
The first-person surreal labyrinth game!
Do a trip into a surreal world of subconscious, where reality mingles
with illusion, and symbolism replaces traditional storytelling!
Also , for those of you that haven’t already bought the Gala, The Deal is still alive!
10 Awesome games and 8 fantastic music albums and soundtracks!
Pay what you want ( mimium $1 ) for 4 games:
A.R:E.S. Extinction Agenda, Alien Shooter, Steel Storm: Burning retribution and now also DEADEND!
Pay more than current average ( now $4.99 ) and get the full 10 games pack with also:
Disciples II, Altitude, Wake, Really Big Sky, Lunnye Devitsy and Alien Shooter 2!!!
Plus 8 audio gems that you can’t miss!

You can purchase The Indie Gala IV and find out more information on the official website.

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