DADIU Games Of 2012


DADIU – The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment – is a collaboration between universities and art schools in all of Denmark. 6 teams of students from art schools and universities all over Denmark have created 6 games over the course of one semester all released today under DADIU. They all look to offer something different and really showcases some fresh talent.

The games are:

Horizon’ is a scary glimpse into a mind, where the powers of darkness and light could lead you to your salvation or destruction.

Trail of Regret’ takes you on a surrealistic journey through dark memories of all bad decisions in your life.

HOTAH’ is a challenging puzzle-platform with cave-paintings, totem-animal transformations and a story of a young Native American warrior on his quest for life.

Cantrip’ delivers a classic fairytale in modern setting with a healthy dose of gritty humor, pencil-sketch aesthetics and magnetic gameplay.

Ion’ also experiments heavily with magnetism and is the story of a small, fragile robot fascinated with life, but doomed to slavery until it finally decides to run away.

Little Barker’ tells us the sad story of how a stray dog in the cold streets of Moscow became the space dog Laika, only to die in the name of science.

Learn more about DADIU and the games at

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