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If you’ve ever said the words “I lost because of the controller! I’m not used to the PS3\360, I only have a PS3\360!!” the Cronus is for you. With the Cronus, it’s time for payback! (Unless of course it really wasn’t the controller).

The Cronus is a USB Dongle that plugs into any console to make any controller, from any current console cross compatible with each other. This essentially means that you can get your PS3 controller working with your Xbox 360 (or vise versa), or even your Wii Mote with your PS3! Best of all, the cronus is completely mod free – Meaning you don’t have to open any of your controllers or void any warranty’s – Once you’re done you can go back to using the original remote on the original console.

Setup and using the device is simple, but you do need to follow the instructions to ensure you don’t run into any confusion. Fortunately Cronus’ website is full of clear instructions and videos to help you setup your controller – There’s also online support available for those who struggle, so regardless of your technological know how you should be able to get whatever controller working on your console of choice.

As well as their mod fee controller compatibility solution, Cronus also offer the Cronus X – A completely mod free solution to controller modding. The Cronus X allows you to setup button mods for your favourite games (Quick melee, scope etc) on top of the cross over functionality.

The best thing about Cronus is they do exactly what they’re supposed to and are completely feature packed. The Cronus is for anyone who has a preferred controller to take with them to local games, where their preferred console might not be available. It’s also for those who have every console but not a ‘full set’ of controllers – Using the Cronus they can use a controller from another console to help bring up the numbers.

With it’s almost plug and play setup, fantastic after sale support and huge feature list – The Cronus comes very much recommended.

You can find out more and purchase the Cronus Cross Over Gaming Device over at

4 / 5 stars     

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