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Bundle In A Box are back with their latest bundle – The Eclectic Delights Bundle, which features horror, mystery, adventure, strategy, action, surrealism and more!

The latest Bundle In A Box, the Eclectic Delights bundle, has been launched and we are proud to present you with our richest indie gaming bundle so far! A bundle featuring 9 excellent and truly indie games for your Mac or Windows PC without DRM, but also available on Steam or Desura.
For the modest price of pay-what-you-want you’ll be getting strategy/adventure Delve Deeper with both its DLC expansions, narrative-heavy strategy offering The War of the Human Tanks, unique Russian horror game Fibrillation, Lovecraftian yet cutesy platformer Eversion and mystery point-and-click adventure Shadows on the Vatican, Act I.

If you wisely choose to pay above the average price (currently under $3), you’ll also receive puzzle-platformer The Adventures of Shuggy and its expansion, FMV fighting game Stay Dead, the surreal and disturbing The 4th Wall and retro-tastique arcade adventure Flibble.

By grabbing the Eclectic Delights Bundle you are also helping the Hellenic Centre for Mental Health and Treatment of Child and Family and directly supporting indie game developers via our Indie Dev Grant.

Oh, and everyone purchasing the bundle will also be getting access to exclusive content for the forthcoming Droidscape: Basilica stop-motion animated mobile game.

You can find out more and purchase the bundle over at bundle-in-a-box.com.

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