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Blackwell Epiphany is the fifth and regrettably the last in the Blackwell series produced by Wadjeteye Games and I had the privilege to play a review copy of the game.   My heart was beating fast as I waited for Steam to complete its download. As a massive fan of the previous games I started Blackwell Epiphany with equal excitement and apprehension, as I prayed the game matched its predecessor’s extremely high standards.

There are two main characters in the Blackwell series, Rosangela Blackwell (Rosa), a freelance writer who, when her Aunt passes away experiences headaches which result in Joey Mallone, a ghost linked to the Blackwell Family explaining to Rosa that she is a ‘Medium’ tasked with helping ghosts stuck in the world to move on. If you haven’t played the previous four games, you have missed out and I suggest you go play them all now. To make sense of the story and history between the two main characters, playing all four previous games in order is essential. It is well worth the time.

Blackwell Epiphany throws the player into the deep end when Rosa and Joey are stood up by Detective Sam Durkin to investigate inside an abandoned building. In this game, unlike its predecessors, the story does not comprise of different interlinked adventures, but of one final tale to end the series and tie up all loose ends from the previous four games. The story and dialogue are what makes this game and indeed the whole series nothing short of exceptional.

The voice acting as usual is superb however this is nothing less than what we now come to expect from a Wadjeteye production. The voices of Rosangela and Joey deserve special credit for their voice acting throughout the entire series.

If I am being picky, I would say that this game is easier than its predecessors, although difficulty would vary on the nature of the player. I will however credit all of Wadjeteye’s games, in that all the puzzles make sense, there is no combining items randomly or using items on objects which do not make sense. Everything Rosa and Joey do is logical. Being able to switch between Joey and Rosangela also adds an extra depth to the puzzles.

I won’t spoil the ending but Blackwell Epiphany ends the series well. It does the characters justice. The ending remembers the plots from the previous four games and ties them up well. As the credits rolled my heart filled with sadness knowing I would never play another Blackwell game, yet content at the ending that Wadjeteye gave.

One of my gripes with Blackwell Epiphany, and this could be entirely personal, is the lack of box. I purchased the previous four games in a box-set and would have loved to add the final box of Blackwell Epiphany alongside it. I hope one day that perhaps Wadjeteye will eventually do one special edition box-set of the whole series.

Overall Blackwell Epiphany was a much enjoyed and beautifully executed game to finish off a stand out series. Well done Wadjeteye.


+      The graphics over all five games have steadily improved
+      Superb voice acting and story

-          Seemed shorter than its predecessors with less complex puzzles
-          No box

4.5 / 5 stars     

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