Amanita Design Bonus Pack added to Humble Botanicula


The Amanita Design Bonus Pack has been added to the Humble Botanicula Debut, containing significant bonus’ to Botanicula fans.

All Humble Botanicula Debut customers can now download a behind-the-scenes Botanicula art book & map collection, a pack of behind-the-scenes photographs & concept art for the feature film Kooky, the experimental interactive music project Osada, and bonus albums from both Floex and DVA, the musicians behind some of Amanita Design’s most evocative soundtracks.
If you pay more than the average price, you now have the additional option of streaming the film Kooky from Redux! Due to popular demand, we’ve also posted an extra high-quality version of the film. Check out your download page for details.
The Humble Bundle community has saved more 1000 acres by contributing to the World Land Trust—that’s about the size of 900 American football fields! (Or more than 560 football/soccer fields!)

There’s only about one week left to name your price for a collection of beautiful games from Amanita Design while supporting the vital nature conservation efforts of the World Land Trust. Get your Humble Botanicula Debut bundle today!
Jeffrey Rosen
Humble Bundle

The Humble Botanicula Debut Bundle can be purchased on

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