The who’s and the what’s of Creative Gaming

Creative Gaming is an UK based, enthusiast gaming outlet focusing on Indie Gaming.

The History

Creative Gaming (the site, not the concept) was born way back when in 2003. Back then, we created games – Now we only write about them. Those that can and all that.


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Who are we?

241 Articles

John started Creative Gaming in 2003. Creative Gaming started as a small group of people creating small indie games. It evolved into a community site for anyone to share their games. Now, it's an enthusiast news outlet, focusing on Indie Gaming.

36 Articles

Geo is an avid creative writer and contributor to Creative Gaming. An avid fan of portable and PC gaming.

20 Articles

Johnny's the (other) resident John on the team and news caster \ sourcer.

9 Articles

Phil has been gaming since the MEGADRIVE days. Other than his (very understanding) family, his life is GAMES! He studied Games Design in university, had a short stint working as a level designer in the industry and now writes about games (when not playing them). All platforms, all genres, all concepts - but goes easy on the survival horror, as he's a big wimp!

8 Articles

Claire is the editor for Creative Gaming and the occasional reviewer. She's a big fan of point and click adventures and visual novels - So whenever one comes up for review, chances are she's on it.

1 Articles

Some say Terry was born with a controller in his hands, though apparently that didn’t increase his video games skills! RPGs are his lifeblood and he loves a game with an immersive story. Primarily a PC gamer at heart, though he plays games of all genres across all platforms. Terry aims to be playing games until he’s (extremely) long in the tooth. His passion knows no bounds!